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          起批 1-10件 11-50件 50件以上
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          更新: 2019-06-24
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          • 吸盤直徑:80mm
          • 接頭類型:G3/8內螺紋
          • 產品編碼:100920

           MA80-NBR-60-G3/8-IG金屬薄板專用扁平圓真空吸盤,產品編碼為100920,適用于搬運油性金屬薄板和汽車車身零部件。SAF 80 NBR-60 G3/8-IG

          dn6 mm
          Dmax(S)89 mm
          Ds83 mm
          H35 mm
          LG115 mm
          SW122 mm
          Z (Stroke)7.6 mm
          Note: Acceptable dimensional tolerances for rubber parts concerning to DIN ISO 3302-1 M3 External dimension of the suction cup when it is pressed against the workpiece by the vacuum
          Suction force272 N
          Lateral force205 N
          Lateral force (oily surface)180 N
          Volume36.7 cm3
          Curve radius (min) (convex)100 mm
          Hose diameter (empf.) d6 mm
          Suction cup materialNitrile rubber NBR
          Material hardness [Shore A]60
          Weight56 g
          Number of folds0
          Product familyMA
          Note: Suction force: The specified suction forces are theoretical values at a vacuum of -0.6 bar and with a smooth, dry workpiece surface - they do not include a safety factor Lateral force: The specified lateral forces are values measured at a vacuum of -0.6 bar with a dry or oily, smooth, flat workpiece surface. Depending on the workpiece surface and its quality, the actual values may deviate from these values Hose diameter: The recommended hose diameter refers to a hose length of approx. 2 m

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