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          TGBS42-SI-55-G1/4-AG 2.5折硅橡膠圓形波紋吸盤

          起批 1-10件 11-20件 20件以上
          價格 28.00 27.00 25.00
          銷量: 累計出售 0
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          更新: 2019-06-23
          數量: 減少 增加件 庫存1000件
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          • 吸盤直徑:42mm
          • 吸盤材料:硅橡膠
          • 接頭類型:G1/4外螺紋
          • 產品編碼:100755

           TGBS42-SI-55-G1/4-AG     2.5折硅橡膠圓形波紋吸盤,產品編碼為100755,適用于搬運易損型工件FSG 42 SI-55 G1/4-AG

          d217.8 mm
          dn4.4 mm
          Dmax(S)45 mm
          Ds42.6 mm
          H50 mm
          LG111 mm
          SW117 mm
          Z (Stroke)20 mm
          Note: Acceptable dimensional tolerances for rubber parts concerning to DIN ISO 3302-1 M3
          Suction force14.93 N
          Pull-off force44 N
          Volume19.786 cm3
          Curve radius (min) (convex)75 mm
          Hose diameter (empf.) d6 mm
          Number of folds2.5
          Suction cup materialSilicone SI
          Material hardness [Shore A]55
          Weight27 g
          Product familyTGBS 
          Note: Suction force: The specified suction forces are theoretical values at a vacuum of -0.6 bar and with a smooth, dry workpiece surface - they do not include a safety factor Pull-off force: The pull-off force of the versions made of natural rubber is reduced by about 40% Hose diameter: The recommended hose diameter refers to a hose length of approx. 2 m

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